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September 27
IDPH Releases Emergency Rules on COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations

​IDPH released emergency rules regulating the components of the Governor's executive order requiring vaccinations or COVID testing for EMS Personnel.  THe emergency rules contain much of the content of the EO, but adds a few important components.  The new emergency rules additionally require the following:

1. EMS Personnel that are not vaccinated and live/work in a county with high or substantial COVID-19 transmission must test twice a week.

2. EMS Agencies must post signage offering the COVID-19 vaccine.

3. EMS Agencies must provide training for new hires related to COVID-19, specifically vaccination risks and benefits, and vaccine misinformation.

The emergency rules are linked below.  Please contact the EMS Office with any questions.

IDPH Emergency COVID Rules 77-515CD-E.pdf


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