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Welcome to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale's regional site for EMS and Emergency Preparedness professionals. Here you will find EMS treatment protocols, updates, training, an event calendar, forms, and other information relevant to regional EMS and disaster preparedness.  ​

February 28
Updated COVID-19 Screening Guidance 02-28-2020
 Brad Robinson  

​Until this week, the CDC recommended asking about recent travel from China or conatct with someone that has recently traveled from China.  now, the CDC recommends we also ask about recent travel from China, Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.  

Dr. Haake suggests EMS simply ask about recent travel or contact with a recent traveler.  If the patient answers yes, then ask about the 5 specific countries li…Read More

February 20
IDPH Ambulance Licensing and Inspection Issues
 Brad Robinson  

​From attached IDPH memo:

Due to unforseen circumstances, EMS Vehicle Fee Inspcetion Notices will not be mailed to Ambulance Providers.  This unfroseen problem may also cause a glitch in scheduling the annual ambulance inspections.  This effects all ambulance services that have anual inspections/licensing due in March 2020 or later.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.​

Read More

February 5
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) update 02/05/2020
 Brad Robinson  

​Pleased see the attached update on 2019-nCoV from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.


Read More
January 28
Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) update 01/24/2020
 Brad Robinson  

​Please read the attached update from the NHTSA office of EMS in reference to the Novel coronavirus.  It contains guidnace on assessment, treatment, and post-treatment disinfection.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions. Coronavirus update 01-24-2020.pdf

Read More
December 27
AED and Cardiac Monitors Nearing End of Life/Service
 Brad Robinson  

​IDPH has pushed out FDA documentation on their approved list of AEDs.  IDPH has also distributed letters from Zoll, Philips, and Stryker (Lifepak) on their models life spans and service end dates.  The letters are attached below.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

Read More

December 19
Regional Minimum Trauma Field Triage Criteria
 Brad Robinson  
​The IDPH EMS Region 5 Minimum Trauma Field Triage Criteria Algorithm is attached in the link below.  If you have any questions about early activating a trauma alert or the Trauma Center's capabilities, please contact your EMS System Coordinator or the MHC Trauma Program Coordinator, Gene Brandon.​​​

December 9
EMS Lead Instructor Education Resources
 Brad Robinson  

​With the IDPH changes to renewals of EMS LI licenses:

Documentation of at least 40 hours of continuing education, of which 20 hours shall be related to the development, delivery and evaluation of education programs.

The EMS Education Sub-Committee to the IDPH EMS Advisory Council has shared some educational CE materials specifically for the new Lead Instruc…Read More

October 31
Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) Protocol
 Brad Robinson  

​Dr. Haake has approved a ROSC protocol and a link is attached below.  Please contact the EMS Office with any questions.


Read More
October 31
*NEW* IDPH EMS Lead Instructor Renewal Requirements
 Brad Robinson  

IDPH changed the…Read More

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