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Welcome to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale's regional site for EMS and Emergency Preparedness professionals. Here you will find EMS treatment protocols, updates, training, an event calendar, forms, and other information relevant to regional EMS and disaster preparedness.  ​

February 6
SIREMS Spring EMR Class- Open for Enrollment
 Brad Robinson  

​The EMS Office has scheduled our spring 2023 hybrid EMR class.  The class is a mixture of online course work and a handful of in-person sessions.  Healthcare Provider CPR is a required prerequisite for attending the EMR class.  A CPR class is being coordinated and will be taught at the beginning of the class.  Contact Jay Sims for additional information on the CPR requirement.


Enrollment is…Read More

November 23
Happy Thanksgiving from SIREMS
 Brad Robinson  

​Dr. Haake and all of us from the EMS Office wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all those EMS personnel out there!  We are very thankful for you and the work you do for our patients every day!  Whether you are fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving with your family or find yourself spending it with your work family, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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August 25
NREMT Drops Limitations for Online CEUs
 Brad Robinson  

Historically, the National Registry standards for recertification included limits on the amount of Distributive Education each registrant is required to have for recertification. 

Throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, Distributive Education limits were temporarily waived to adapt to the urgent needs of the EMS community and ensure providers can maintain National Certification throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. …Read More

August 8
National Shortage of Valium and Ativan
 Brad Robinson  

Due to a nationwide shortage of Valium (diazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam),  Dr. Haake has included Versed (midazolam) in the seizure protocol.  I have attached the updated protocol in PDF to this email.  It has also been added to the protocols on the website.  Continue to use the benzodiazepines you have in stock but be prepared that emergency departments will not be able to replace your Valium or At…Read More

July 18
National CAT Tourniquet Shortage/Backorder
 Brad Robinson  

​The CAT Tourniquet is currently unavailable and on back order from all vendors throughout the country.  Dr. Haake has approved the SAM-XT as an alternative to the CAT Tourniquet in the SIREMS system.  Training videos are linked below.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

SAM-XT Upper Extremity

SAM-XT Lower …Read More

July 1
Dr. Haake's Memo and Directives on Refusals
 Brad Robinson  

​Dr. Haake released a memo addressing issues with the handling and documentation of refusal cases.  Please read the attached memo and contact the EMS Office with any questions.

SIREMS Refusal Memo 06-29-2022.pdf

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June 6
Update to ALS Medication List
 Brad Robinson  

Dr. Haake has made Lorazepam an optional drug for ALS transport and non-transport units.  Currently, Diazepam is readily available.  However, Lorazepam will remain optional in the event of another Diazepam shortage.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.


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May 24
Bradycardia Protocol Update
 Brad Robinson  

The CC-08 Bradycardia Protocol has been updated to reflect the 2020 AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines change of Atropine dosing from 0.5mg to a 1mg dose.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.


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May 15
Happy EMS Week, May 15-21, 2022
 Brad Robinson  

Dr. Haake and the staff of the SIREMS Office wish all EMS Personnel a very safe and happy EMS Week 2022!  Thank you for what you do for the patients of this region every day!

Dr. Haake

Brad Graul

Jay Sims 

Brad Robinson​

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February 14
COVID Exposure/Positive Guidance Infographic
 Brad Robinson  

​Attached is an infographic that may make it easier to navigate the isolation/quarantine/testing recommendations for employees and employers.  The infographic is from the Egyptian Health Department and we believe it makes it easier to navigate the changes and vaccination status deviations.

Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

COVID employer …Read More

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