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Welcome to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale's regional site for EMS and Emergency Preparedness professionals. Here you will find EMS treatment protocols, updates, training, an event calendar, forms, and other information relevant to regional EMS and disaster preparedness.  



Recent News   



Arch Air Medical is hosting a 12 Lead ECG Interpretation Sessions at John A. Logan College in October and November.  The session and registration details are listed in the link below.

Arch 12 Lead Interpretation Courses


The next SIREMS Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 12, 2019, at John A. Logan College Room F118 from 7pm-9pm.  The agenda for the meeting is linked below.  Join Dr. Haake for pizza and discussions on the present and the future of our EMS System.  Please RSVP using the link below so we can get an accurate count for food.

SIREMS Town Hall Meeting Agenda 09-12-2019

SIREMS Town Hall Registration/RSVP


IDPH has released the application for the Fiscal Year 2020 EMS Assistance Grant.  The attached notification has details on the grant's requirements and application process.

FY2020 IDPH EMS Assistance Grant


IDPH changed the requirements on the renewal of EMS Lead Instructor licenses.  Now, half of the required hours "shall be related to the development, delivery, and evaluation of education programs."  Below is a link to the IDPH memo with the graduated breakdown of hours needed for renewal dates...progressively increasing to the full implementation in January 2021.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

IDPH EMS Lead Instructor Renewal Memo


Cambria Fire Department is hosting an EMR class from June 6th through September 26th.  The classes will meet on Thursday nights from 5p-9p at the Cambria Community Center.  For more information or registration, contact Sonya at 618-294-3235 or prdmomo4@aol.com



The EMS Office has deployed a digital business card/smartphone application for the EMS Office.  You can share via text message or download it here using the QR code below.


Dr. Haake has approved a ROSC protocol and a link is attached below.  Please contact the EMS Office with any questions.

CC-4 ROSC Protocol


At the opening ceremony on day two of the FDIC International Conference 2019, Retired Chief Bobby Halton addressed the attendees on Emergency Medical Services.  It's worth the read!  Thank you to all EMS Providers!!

Chief Halton Speech 


Jay Sims has officially joined the EMS Ofice as the EMS System Specialist, replacing Nathan Bressner.  Jay is no stranger to the EMS Office because he previously worked with us on the Disaster Preparedness side of the office.  Jay's contact information is below.  Feel free to contact him, Brad G. or Brad R. with any questions.


618-549-0721 x68631

618-319-2605 (c)


Dr. Haake has completed his review of the January 2019 EMS System Preceptor applications and has announced the newest SIREMS Preceptors.  Follow the link below for Dr. Haake's announcement.

Dr. Haake's January 2019 Preceptor Announcement


IDPH has released an Extreme Cold Weather Memo due to the impending drop in temperatures and wind chill factors.  The memo can be read by following the link below.

IDPH Extreme Cold Weather Memo


Dr. Haake has approved and released an inclement weather protocol for Saturday January 19, 2019.  The protocol is linked below.  Please call Brad Robinson with any questions or problems.

Inclement Weather Protocol


IDPH released a memo to remind all EMS license holders of the legal requirement to disclose felony convictions.  IDPH has placed a December 31, 2018 deadline for voluntary submissions.  After that date, IDPH will perform background checks on all license holders and revoke anyone with a non-disclosed felony conviction.  A link to the memo is below.

IDPH Felony Disclosure Memo

IDPH Felony Conviction Explanation Points


Dr. Haake has released an EMS operations plan for the day President Trump is visiting Southern Illinois, Saturday October 27, 2018.  The plan basically modifies operations to function on written protocols and limit Medical Control contact.  The plan is similar to the the plan used during the total solar eclipse.  Please contact the EMS Office with any questions.  

SIREMS Presidential Visit Plan v01


Dr. Haake and IDPH have approved a new addition to the SIREMS System Plan, the Environmental Temperature Control Policy.  It requires all EMS agancies in SIREMS to create a plan to prevent medications and injectable fluids from extreme temperatures during storage.  A link to the new policy is below.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

SIREMS Environmental Temperature Control Policy


Here are all of the links to the CDC's guidance on Ebola for EMS Providers.  As any other information becomes available, it will be distributed, but will also be posted here in the "Ebola Zone" of the system's website.


EMS and the suspected Ebola patient

Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Screening Tool for EMS

Guidance on Donning and Doffing PPE

Detailed EMS Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Ebola or Influenza flyer


The SIH Brain and Spine Institute is hosting a Stroke Network Symposium and Dinner on May 22, 2018 from 6pm-8pm at Carterville Community Center.  It is a free event but RSVP is required.  Illinois EMS and Nursing CEUs are awarded.  Follow the link below for more information.

2018 Stroke Symposium Flyer

Link to RSVP


IDPH will be upgrading their licensing database starting on May 17th and continuing through at least May 22nd.  This downtime will effect the license verification page as well as the online renewal payment portal.  Please review the memo or contact the EMS Office for more information.

IDPH Licensing Database Downtime Memo- May 2018


Dr. Haake released a memo in April 2018 to clarify questions on patient destination and bypass.  A copy of the memo is linked below.

Destination Bypass Memo


IDPH has released an update on the bleeding issues with patients that have taken synthetic cannabinoids (bath salts, K2, spice).  Their memo is linked below.

IDPH Synthetic Cannabinoid Memo


Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) has a new sponsoring hospital and new website.  Please go to www.luriechildrens.org/emsc for all theEMSC data and educational materials.


There have been at least 6 reports of severe bleeding encountered from synthetic cannibus (K2/Spice).  The bleeding is being caused by Vitamin K Dependent Coagulopathy.  The patients are presenting with symptoms of bleeding from multiple body sites and back pain.  Watch for signs of symthetic cannabinoids use during assessment and history taking.


John A. Logan College has decided to discontinue their Tuition waiver program for EMT and Paramedic courses.  The practice of charging full tuition is scheduled to begin for the Summer 2018 semester.  The link below will take you to the memo from JALC explaining the change.

JALC EMS Tuition Waiver Memo


Reminder of the 2018 Illinois EMS Summit in Springfield on March 29, 2018.  There are Illinois EMS CEUs approved for the conference and many interesting topics.  There's a link to the brochure below.

2018 Illinois EMS Summit


Reminder on pre-hospital blood draws.  Don't forget to label each tube with the patient's name, DOB, date and time of draw, and medic's initials.  Also, turn over your blood samples to the receiving nurse.  The procedulral protocol is linked below.

SIREMS Blood Draw Protocol


Dr. Haake has released a memo reminding all of us about the SIREMS Social Media Policy.  It urges common sense when posting online and contains some points to remember.  The link to Dr. Haake's memo is below.

Dr. Haake's Social Media Policy Memo


There is a nationwide shortage of Diazepam (Valium) and it is starting to effect our region.  In the event your department is not able to replinish Valium, be sure to brush up on the adult and pediatric dosing of Lorazepam (Ativan).  Below is a link to the dosing from our protocols.  Remember, Ativan is only good for 90 days (3 months) from leaving refrigeration.  

Lorazepam drug profile from SIREMS Protocols


Dr. Haake and the EMS Office would like to recognize two of our system's paramedic's for the outstanding performance and incredible acts of kindness that they displayed on a recent call. Please follow the link below for more details.

EMS Memo of Outstanding Service



Dr. Haake has approved some protocol variations to help EMS operations during the eclipse weekend.  The changes are listed in the link below.  Please contact the EMS Office with any questions.

SIREMS Protocol Variations for Eclipse Weekend



The Region 5 EMS Advisory Committee approved a regional mass casualty incident protocol.  It is broken into small incidents (Multiple Casualty Incidents) and larger scale incidents (Mass Casualty Incidents).  The link to the new protocol is below.

Region 5 Multiple Casualty / Mass Casualty Protocol


IDPH released an update for EMScan (the free state PCR program) to become compliant with NEMSIS Version 3 on November 1, 2016.  The new instructional guide to the changes and the program use as a whole is linked below.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

EMScan User Instruction Guide for November 2016 Update


Every hospital in Illinois has what we call a "Disaster Go Bag" for EMS or hospitals to request in a disaster or emergency situation.  The bag has medical supplies to supplement a treatment area or casualty collection point in the field.  EMS can simply request it from a hospital if needed.  EMS, Fire, or Police can make the pick up and deliver it to the location needed.  More details and the Go Bag contents are in the link below.  Call the EMS Office if you have any questions.

EMS Disaster Go Bags


DEA Safety Alert on Carfentanil, a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than Fentanyl.  It's intended to sedate elephants and other large mammals, but it's now being found on the streets.  Follow the link below for more information.

DEA Safety Alert: Carfentanil



IDPH has released their new POLST form.  The POLST (practitioner order for life-sustaining treatment) form is what was formerly known as the DNR.  The new POLST form can be accessed on this website under the IDPH forms link or on www.dph.illinois.gov.  The link to the form on the state's site is below.  Remember, IDPH forms cannot be viewed in the Google Chrome browser.

New POLST form


IDPH has released the new EMS Continuing Education Guidelines for EMT, EMT-I/AEMT, and Paramedic.  There are many changes to what is currently done or accepted.  Please take a look at the links below.  Feel free to call or email the EMS Office with any questions. Worksheets for each license level can be found under the SIREMS Forms tab to make organizing your hours easier.

IDPH EMS Continuing Education Memo

New IDPH EMS Continuing Education Guidelines


SIREMS participants must now make an appointment with Brad Robinson or Nathan Bressner to renew EMS licenses.  We have experienced too many problems, delays, and expired licenses from missing faxes, emails, dropped off documents, and even U.S. mail.  The EMS Office will make every effort to accommodate schedules and distances from the office, including occasionally traveling for renewals.  Feel free to contact the EMS Office with any questions.


Olivet Nazerene University is hosting an accelerated Paramedic to BSN program.  Follow the link below for more information.

ONU Paramedic to BSN Program




The Region 5 EMS Advisory Committee recently adopted regional EMS Ebola guidelines.  Follow the link below to see the new regional protocol.

Region 5 Ebola Preparedness and Response Guidelines


The U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Defects Investigation has asked both manufacturers of EMS cots and retention systems to issue a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).  The TSB is notifying and reminding local EMS agencies and personnel about the importance of regular inspections and preventative maintenance with regard to ensuring proper performance of "Antler and Rail" style cot fastening systems.  Please follow the link below for Ferno's TSB.  Stryker's TSB will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Ferno's Antler and Rail TSB


Dr. Haake is lifting the moratorium on the trauma course requirement for SIREMS Paramedics.  All SIREMS Paramedics will be required to have a current ITLS or PHTLS card by December 31, 2015.  This decision was based on the increasing number of PHTLS offerings in Southern Illinois.  If you have any questions, please contact the EMS Office.


IDPH and the Department of Vereran's Affairs have rolled out a Military Medic to LPN program. The information and locations of the program are in the link below.

Military Medic to LPN Bridge Program





Here are all of the links to the CDC's guidance on Ebola for EMS Providers.  As any other information becomes available, it will be distributed, but will also be posted here in the "Ebola Zone" of the system's website.


EMS and the suspected Ebola patient

Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Screening Tool for EMS

Guidance on Donning and Doffing PPE

Detailed EMS Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Ebola or Influenza flyer


Here's a thought provoking article from EMS1.com. It reinforces what has been relayed to every EMS student and probational candidate for years.  Please remember, it is an incredibly large responsibility to be the individuals called into the lives and homes of citizens in their greatest times of need.  

How Off Duty Decisions Can Kill Your Career 



The FDA is asking for assistance in encouraging anyone with knowledge of a patient experience in radio frequency interference (RFI) of electronic medical devices, such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, pacemakers, pulse oximetry, ETCO2, etc.  To submit a confidential report, click the link below. 



Dr. Haake has formally adopted the Region 5 Suspected Stroke Protocol as our system's stroke protocol.  He has also updated the transport/destination protocol to include the recommendation from the National Brain Attack Coalition.  The links below will take you directly to the updated protocols.

Region 5 Suspected Stroke Protocol

SIREMS Transport/Destination Protocol


Attached is an information sheet and screening tool for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) provided by Southern Illinois Healthcare's Infection Prevention Department.  There have only been two confirmed cases of MERS in the United States, but the CDC believes there will be more cases from travel through and from Middle Eastern countries.  Please look at the links below and stay tuned to this site for updates on MERS.

MERS Information Sheet

MERS Traige Tool


The IDPH EMS Division Chief recently released a memo to Regional and System Coordinators to explain the new continuing education requirement rules and how to properly implement and enforce them.  There will be changes to the SIREMS System Plan in the coming weeks to adopt and handle the rule changes.  Follow the link below to read the memo.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the EMS Office.

EMS Continuing Education Hours Memo


Dr. Haake has released a memo and corresponding protocol changes on spinal immobilization.  This will significantly change the way we immobilize our patients.  The training will be scheduled for each department in the coming days and weeks.  Please take a look at the memo and protocol changes below.

Dr. Haake's Spinal Immobilization Memo




Thoratec Corporation in conjunction with the SIH Heart Failure Clinic sponsored a training session on the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD).  Thoratec offers online training about the LVAD specifically for emergency responders.  Please consider taking the training.  The LVAD patient will present EMS with some unique challenges.  For example, the LVAD patient will not have a palpable pulse.  Check out the module by clicking the link below to register.  For SIREMS participants, it's worth 2 hours of continuing education.

Thoratec LVAD Training for EMS



The American Heart Association recently hosted a webinar on conditions that mimic a myocardial infarction.  The link to the recorded webinar and post-webinar survey are below.

STEMI Imposters

Post-webinar survey



The Illinois Supreme Court has upheld the immunity provision in the EMS Act.  Click the link below for the details. 

Recent Supreme Cout Decision



Remember:  When it's time to renew your EMS license, it is a two step process.  The first step is to complete the child support statement and felony conviction question task form and to pay the renewal fee to IDPH.  The second step is to bring your continuing education and certifications to the EMS Office.  The EMS System Coordinator must review and approve your continuing education in order to complete the license renewal process.  If you have any questions, please contact the EMS Office.


Don't forget about our EMS Calendar!  The link is in the left hand corner of the page.  We are starting to compile quite a few training opportunities on the calendar.  If your department or agency has a training opportunity open to the region, please send it to the EMS Office and we will place it on the calendar.


Local law enforcement agencies are reporting an increasing trend of creating and smoking the vapor from alcoholic drinks.  We have attached information on the phonomenon below.

Smoking the Vapor from Alcoholic Beverages



Remember:  Please exchange only the amounts of linens and blankets that are left with the patient at the receiving facility.  SIH hospitals have implemented a new process for linens and blankets, which require inventory checks.  Thanks for your cooperation!




The Emergency Preparedness portion of this Web site provides information and updates for Illinois Region V disaster responders.


The Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition now has a website, to find out about meetings, trainings, and other important information please click below.

SPARC website


SPARC is pleased to announce that the final draft of the Regional Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Response Plan is complete and is available for viewing in the Disaster Plans tab or by clicking on the following link.

Ebola Virus Disease Response Plan


SPARC has several subcommittees that are in need of more members.  Please click here for more information


The Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition is now using a service called MailChimp to create and manage email lists.  If you would like to sign up to receive email alerts from SPARC, please click on link or use the QR code below.


SPARC Email Alerts


We would like to thank everyone who helped make the 4th annual Weathering The Storm conference such a success.  We had 217 people in attendance.  You can access several of the speaker handouts or see pictures of the event by clicking on the links below.


Conference Handouts

Conference Pictures



Upcoming Meetings/Training

SPARC at the Marion Pavillion

             January 12, 2016      10a-3p

             April 12, 2016          10a-3p

             July 12, 2016           10a-3p

             October 18, 2016    10a-3p



Disaster Blaster Open House/Cookout

Southern Illinois Airport

            May 13, 2016 10a-4p


Decon Refresher Workshop

Southern Illinois Airport

             June 6-10, 2016 (5 different


Click Here to sign up



Meeting Minutes

SPARC Exec Comm 5-19-14


SPARC Exec Comm 11-14-2014


Please like us on Facebook in order to receive information on regional disaster response and recovery.  You can click on the picture below to view our Facebook page.






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