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Welcome to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale's regional site for EMS and Emergency Preparedness professionals. Here you will find EMS treatment protocols, updates, training, an event calendar, forms, and other information relevant to regional EMS and disaster preparedness.  ​

March 28
IDPH Guidance for Transporting High Risk COVID-19 Populations
 Brad Robinson  

​IDPH has released guidance for transporting patients that are considered high risk for COVID-19.  Many population types are considered high risk, from being a resident in a long term care facility to having certain medical conditions.  The details are in the attaxched document.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

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March 27
03/27/2020: New SIREMS COVID-19 Protocol and Dr. Haake's Memo
 Brad Robinson  

​Dr. Haake has updated the SIREMS COVID-19 protocol to eliminate all aerosolizing procedures for all patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Dr. Haake has released a corresponding memo to further explian the changes.  If there are any questions, please contact the EMS Office.


March 25
COVID-19 EMS Screening Memo 03/25/2020
 Brad Robinson  

​Dr. Haake has released a memo on EMS screening for suspected COVID-19 patients.  Please read the memo because there is clarification on the travel question and the difference between EMS screening versus hospital screening.  Contact the EMS Offie with any questions.

COVID-19 Screening Memo 03-25-2020.pdf

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March 23
SIH Hospitals COVID-19 Visitor Policy Update
 Brad Robinson  

​The SIH Hospitals updated their visitor policies to decrease transmission of and potential exposure to COVID-19.  EMS should review to attached policy.

SIH visitation policy 03-23-2020.pdf

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March 21
IDPH Interim Guidance on EMS Employee Screening
 Brad Robinson  

​For the EMS agencies wanting to screen employees before the beginning of each shift, we have attached the IDPH guidance for healthcare employees, including EMS.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.


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March 21
CDC/IDPH Guidance for N95 Reuse
 Brad Robinson  

​Below is the CDC guidance for reuse of N95 respirators.  Please read thoroughly, because the reuse guidance has very specific criteria that may not apply to our normal practices in EMS.  Contact the EMS Office with any questions.


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March 17
IDPH Extends EMS License Expiration Dates due to COVID-19
 Brad Robinson  

​IDPH announced, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all EMS licenses with expiration dates in March, April, or May have been extended to June 30, 2020.  Please follow the link for more details or call the EMS Office.

 EMS Licensure Extensions.pdf

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March 16
Link to EPA Approved COVID-19 Disinfectants
 Brad Robinson  

​The link attached is the list of the EPA's approved disinfecting agents approved for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

EPA COVID-19 Disinfectants​

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March 12
IDPH COVID-19 EMS Update 03/10/2020
 Brad Robinson  

​The link below is this weeks COVID-19 update for EMS released by IDPH.  Highlight of this guidance: Facemasks are an acceptable alternative until the supply chain is restored.  Respirators should be prioritized for procedures that are likely to generate respiratory aerosols, which would pose the highest exposure risk to healthcare providers.  Please review and contact the EMS Office with any questio…Read More

March 8
IDPH Transition to National Registry Testing FAQs
 Brad Robinson  

​Starting April 1, 2020, IDPH is transitioning EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic testing from a state test to the National Registry test.  Below is a link to a frequently asked questions document from IDPH.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the EMS Office.

FAQ Transition to NREMT testing.pdf

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